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Cansonic Inc.only offers imaging products ( dash cams, action cams, DVRs, video camcorders, cameras) which are the highest quality and professionally designed. Founded in 1986, we have been certified to ISO/TS16949 and have more than 300 professionally experienced employees to work on manufacturing dashboard cameras which are amazingly produced to the amount of 500,000 pieces per year. 

Cansonic has become the No.1 brand of dash-cams (DVR) in the global market since 2013, and now Cansonic is the leader of the development of the dash-cam technology. CANSONIC, originating from the idea “can be colorful”, offers products that ensure not only your safety while driving, but also fun and excitement.  

Why Cansonic?

Cansonic is not only a brand company. We have our own factory and are very responsible of the products which we manufacture.

Therefore, we have a complete road map to accomplish our ideal products. Unlike others who are just trying to make money from the market. We really care about our customers and products, and it has been the value of our company to ensure everybody can have a safe and useful product.

In addtion, we care about he details which others don't know or care. Such as the operating/storage temperature, EMI, luxury design, hot-keys idea, stability and the most important spirit of the imaging products, the image quality. We are not only the most professional but also the most serious and diligent company in this imaging product market.

To provide the best products to our customer is our dream.

2016 AAITF Top 10 Car Electronic Awards

2015-2016 TEEMA Taiwan Outstanding SME Award

2015 Remarkable Enterprise Adwards

2014 TEEMA Taiwan Outstanding SME Award

2014 TAIPEI AMPA Innovation Awards

2013 Computex, Best Product Award.

2013 Computex, Jury's Choice Award.

2012 National Brand YuShan Adward.

2010 Taiwan Best Brand

2009 Golden Award-quality Productions of the State



Quality Certification


Multinational Design Patent

& Utility Model Patent

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