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Feature Description

  • Bluetooth Hands-free kit

  • ADAS

  • LDWS

  • FCWS

  • PDS

  • Front Movement Reminder

  • Parking Collision / Car-keying Detect in 1 second

  • WDR / HDR Night vision


  • GNSS / GPS Built-in

Product Description

Bluetooth hands-free kit
The hands-free kit is built in ADAS850. Without any operating while driving, it is more safe and convenient for your safety. ADAS850 will pick up all the calls automatically, and what you need to do just driving and speaking. Certainly, you can also swift the setting to manual mode to filtrate the calls which you don’t want to pick up.
ADAS – Advanced Driving Assistant System
ADAS includes 3 functions as below.
LDWS - Lane Departure Warning System
ADAS850 will alert when the driver is passing or crossing the lane with a certain speed. This is designed for the situation when the driver is easily distracted because of falling asleep.

FCWS - Front Collision Warning System
ADAS850 will alert when the distance to the front car is too close. This is designed for the situation when the view is not clear because of fog, rain, or other weather issues.
FMR - Front Movement Reminder
Nowadays, it is hard to avoid getting stuck in a bad traffic, and people like to kill time by doing something distracting thing such as watching their smart phone or reading novels during their car is stopped in a traffic jam, but it is dangerous. Although many countries have already make a rule to ban this behavior, you still can see a lot of people doing this things. So Cansonic developed the function to remind the drivers when the traffic is moving, to tell them it is time to concentrate now. It can help the traffic more smooth and people get in accidents because of being absent-minded.
Parking Collision / Car-keying Detect in 1 second
There is a battery built in ADAS850, so after you park your car on the street and turn on the collision detecting function, ADAS850 can be triggered to power on automatically and start recording instantly in 1 second by any touch or vibration of the outside force even car-keying. Only Cansonic’s dash cam can do it. So you will not be worried about any pranks by punks anymore. It will help you to get the evidence to protect your vehicle and right.
1.5" Inch High Resolution LCD screen
People always ask us why you use such a small screen? 
The dash cam is design for recording the evidence and protecting the driver. To protect the river from distracting by the device, we try to make it smaller. Even there are rules by certain countries ask people to install the proper size of dash cam for safety. The screen is only used for 2 situations. The first one is when the first time you install the device on the car, you should know the angle is right where you are pointing to make sure you will not record a wrong angle clips which only shot the sky or road.  The other one is when you are urgent to know what just happened, and you can use the playback function to see the condition to make sure who should be responsible for the accident, but it less happens because police or insurance companies will take your videos back to their computers to watch the whole event.

WDR / HDR (Wide / High Dynamic Range)
Cansonic uses the most advanced technology to make sure our perfect imagination performance. The WDR/ HDR function helps us record more clear image and great footage details in the extreme darkness or brightness situation.
A+ 140 Wide Angle Lens With 6 Layers of the Deluxe Glasses 
ADAS850 adapts a 140 ultra-wide angle lens without distortion to provide you a bigger view of what you are shooting, and to make it more real, clear, and colorful, the material of the lens is very important, so we assemble the lens by 6 delicate glasses and 1 filter to offer the best image quality. 

G-sensor / Shock-sesnor
The G-sensor is built in the device, it could record the G-force data when you are racing, drifting or even the accident happened It can record every second and offer you the most precise information to help in any issues. In addition, when you open the G-sensor function, it could be a sensor which would be triggered by certain force, and it would protect the current file from loop recording function.
GNSS/GPS Built-in

Cansonic developed an advanced function with GNSS/GPS logger for the driver. With the GNSS/GPS logger, it would write down all the route, direction, speed, longitude, latitude, and even attitude. On the top of this, you can use the open source player to connect to the internet map and you can see where your go with all the details.

Stereo Speaker / Microphone

ADAS850 want to provide the best sound recording and hands-free kit, so we use the stereo speaker and microphone to make sure the passengers of the whole car can communicate by ADAS850. In addition, you can also playback on the device immediately to check what you just shot, and it comes with stereo sound too.

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