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Feature Description

  • VGA、HD(1280×960)

  • 140°Wide-angle lens

  • 2.0"TFT Panel

  • 270°Rotation

  • 180°rotating lens

  • Anti-shake

  • Motion Detection Function

  • Loop Recording Function

  • Built-in 6 pcs IR light

  • Webcam Fuction

  • TV out

  • Support 32GB micro SD card

Product Description

  • Super-compact, 180°rotatable, 140°Grade A+ high-definition wide angle lens, perfectly   combined with 270°rotatable display screen, convenient for multi-angle and high-definition video and picture shooting.


  • Built-in low noise,sensor, capable of capturing clear images in dark environment.


  • Support VGA、HD video recording: VGA(640*480/30fps)、HD(1280X960P/30fps)


  • The incident recording is more clear and perfect due to the most advanced method of M-JPEG CODEC.


  • Loop recording function, automatically deleting old files and recording new files


  • Motion detection function, saving more momery.


  • Flipping image function, convenient for the installation in each kind of brackets.


  • Time/date stamp function, ensuring the accuracy of time and date of the recorded incident.


  • With delayed turn on function, prevent the camera from being damaged by the pulse at the moment of car startup.


  • Auto power on when starting car, and delay 30 seconds power off after flameout.-Anti-shaking function, ensuring the recording is more clear.


  • Anti-shaking function, ensuring the recording is more chear.


  • Can catch amazing images through the LCD display when taking self-portrait.


  • Day and Night switching mode, ensuring the image is more clear.


  • Support the SDHC memory card with a large volume, even 32GB at most, and please choose 4GB Class 6 level above.


  • Support CVBS output.


  • Support PC-Camera.


  • Shortcut key controls the 6pcs IR lights.


  • Shortcut key controls power saving mode, rotating TFT screen, which can be shut at any time to save power


  • Built-in simultaneous charging and recording mode.


  • Built-in microphone/speaker, 2-channel stereo output, offering better sound effect.

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