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Hardwire Kit Type A

Hardwire Kit Type A

Pro_Accessories_Hardwire Kit Type A_01.j

Feature Description

  • Hardwire Kit Type A

  • The whole length: 11.5 ft / 3.5m

Product Description

Hardwire Kit Type A is an accessory which can help you charge dashcam in car.


The type A is a kind of special 10 Pin USB standard. (Notice: Do not buy any aftermarket cables or chargers to use on Cansonic dashcams. It may lead to some incident or damage to dashcams.)


Hardwire Kit Type A can be fit on the following devices.


UltraDash 710


UltraDash 800


UltraDash 850


UltraDV 888


UltraDuo 707


UltraDuo Z1


Please make sure your dashcam is applicable to this accessory before purchasing.

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